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Early Work
 A selection of shorts and sketches from my early days. 

 Click here to watch the original 15 second short and subsequent mini-series from which the BBC series was commissioned. 

Comedy Shorts

Comedy Shorts

 The Tour of the House - Won the Raindance Nokia Shorts Award 



 Beat The Bell - Promo for Sponsored Fundraising Event 

 Flat Mate 

Documentary Shorts

Documentary Shorts

 Michael's Funny Feelings 

 Remembering Tyneham 

 Back in the late noughties, Channel 4 broadcast a cross-platform youth orientated campaigning series called 'Battlefront'. I made a series of original, no-budget campaign shorts that attempted to relay sometimes difficult subjects in funny and unusual ways. 

Battlefront Shorts

 The Lesbian Fork - A campaign to help people having difficulties coming out 

Tune Into Traffic A campaign for road safety and awareness 

 Da Koffee Kup Krew - A campaign to reduce the use of disposable coffee cups 

Jon's Story A campaign to help ship more contraception to Africa 

 Socks and the City - A campaign for body positivity 

Gun & Knife: On The Run A campaign to try and stop gun and knife crime 

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